Motivate Yourself to Start Your Very First Website

OK, so you’re watching and flipping channels on the TV when you’re suppose to be working on your website business? I thought you wanted to start a successful website? I thought you wanted to start your own business, drive website visitors, sell remarkably and bank, bank, bank? You said that your 9 to 5 just isn’t cutting it and you are tired of living pay check to pay check. You currently don’t have that car or house that you always wanted and you only really can afford McDonald’s when taking the family out and not your favorite dine-in restaurant that you probably only been to once or twice in your life. My friend, it’s time to put some fire under your butt and start that successful website for that business that you dream of, so that you can add more wealth to your precious life. Are you ready?

OK… Let’s get right to it…

Number 1 – Come home from your day job and instead of letting Go, Speed up!

Your kids may say, “Dad are you okay”? You will respond, “I couldn’t be better”! Your wife may say, “What has gotten into you, honey?” and you will respond, “Life, life has gotten into me!”.

Your next destination will be to join the millions of businesses online that has decided to take action on getting a piece of the internet wealth pie. Anyone can get a piece, if they put their wheels in motion and get involved. Do not put the brakes on your home vehicle (you), put the metal to the pedal and zoom! It may be difficult in the beginning stages, but just like you got used to aspects of your current job, you can get used to coming home and spending time on your internet business. Eat some fruits and vegetables or have an energy drink [if that’s what suits you], but get the fire going inside of you to take your income to the next level.

Number 2 – Do a push up or sit up or two when the time is right

“How do I know when the time is right?”, you may ask. Well, television is a big wealth killer. Instead of working on our internet business, we watch television and eat popcorn and drink beer. How are we going to get rich from doing this? Hugh? If you can figure this one out, please let me know so I can adopt the strategy. But, in the real world, we have to work for wealth and that’s what I’m promoting. Now, when we are doing something out of the ordinary – like working on an internet business when we are usually watching TV – our minds and bodies will try to get us back to what it is used to, doing nothing. We must fight this feeling with much effort as if the protective services were trying to take our kids. To do this, when we get the feeling or thought to go back to the couch or bed, we want to create some positive energy within ourselves – increase our heart rate, get the blood flowing faster, you know the typical things that activates us to become more lively. Drop to the floor and do a few push-ups or sit-ups. Get your self stronger to take on the battle of the lazy body during a typical lazy time. After re-programming your body and mind to sustain your internet business, you will have the will and the strength to keep going at your business to grow it to greater wealth as you hope for.

Number 3 – If your interest wains, take a look at all of the successful websites in your industry…

It took many successful internet businesses years before it made its presence as bright as it is today. Many started just like you. Just coming home from work everyday and spending a little time developing their websites. To some, it was a hobby that took off to become a career and they were able to quit their jobs. To others, the idea started as a side job to pay bills and so that’s what it was. But, no matter what direction they took, they had to start somewhere and had to find a way to stay consistent and persist. They knew that they had something that no other business had and they took that advantage to build their business. Many even hired someone else to run it while they just paid all of the bills to keep the website running and thriving. You too can get to where they are at, if you just remain strong, ambitious and motivated. Sounds easy right, well I know it can be a struggle, but I’m sure that you can prevail. If you have the idea, then the internet business that you think of is right for you. Do it! The television is the devil looking to steal your website making soul, don’t let it!

There are other numbers as well, of course, but the TV is calling me right now! Guess what, I’ve been working on developing my website for hours, a little TV is not gonna kill me, or is it? Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa!